Sean O’Coin // Vocals
Rich Funk // Guitar
Zach Bond // Guitar
Jake Boes // Bass
Kyle Ryan // Drums

Hailing from the Northeastern United States Vultures, consisting of members brought up through different scenes has found common ground in their drive to make music. Although the band struggled through member changes early on there are now putting them selves behind their debut full length Empty Sky | Hollow Earth (released October 31st 2012). Originally meant to be two separate EP released this full length album contains over two years of growth from the earliest incantations to their most recent works. Empty Sky (tracks 1-8) are based around early concepts built by the band to reflect individuals trials and tribulations through growing up surrounded by drugs and violence. Much of the music is self-reflective and address band members previous relationships with one another prior to the development of the group. Hollow Earth is an extension of this concept it both reflects and feels more current and updated as the group wanted to reflect on their growth.

Vultures are currently planning to tour in the summer of 2013.

“[Vultures] really, really needs to be seen live”

– Katie (Blogger: Exile from Conformity)